Wedding Guide

on the wedding day

When we begin the coverage of your wedding day, we start by focusing on the little details. It gives us a chance to blend in to the background and let you and your bridesmaids just hangout and enjoy the morning. Sometimes we’ll go to great lengths to capture your details the day before your wedding. But don’t worry, if this is what we decide to do, this won’t affect your package or hours on the wedding day.

When you are in your element and the mood is on top, that’s when we start capturing the moments with you and your bridesmaids together. Everyone’s excited, emotions are real and that’s when the candid, honest moments happen.

When deciding on a room to get ready in, it’s helpful to have a lot of big windows for bright, airy, natural light and neutral walls. We are mainly natural light photographers and we just love when we can capture details in beautiful soft natural light. It makes a huge difference for the end result.

On your wedding day, we show up geared with backgrounds and props that fits the wedding stationary and your chosen colors. We want to be sure we complements your choices in how we choose to photograph your wedding and to make sure there is a color story and flow to your day. That’s why we ask you as much as we can about your details. So please do fill us in on everything you can think of. The more we know, the better we will photograph your day. Preparation makes perfect!

Every wedding is unique and we work hard to make your wedding stand out as yours.

getting ready

When you choose your getting ready rooms, think about a room bathing in light and please ensure that both of you have a room to get ready in, close to each other so that we easily access both rooms without too much time in between. While it can naturally get a little hectic in the getting ready room, there’s nothing wrong with that, but keeping the room where you get ready as tidy as possible helps immensely for creating beautiful photographs.


Please have one of your maid of honor/ best man arrange all of your personal items including your dress/ suite, shoes, full invitation set including name tags and table numbers, garter, flower bouquet, rings (both yours and his wedding band) and other accessories in one spot where you’ll be getting ready. That way we can start photographing it all first thing when we arrive and concentrate on candids of you and your friends soon after.

When you get dressed, we’re happy to step outside if you like. Whether we stay in the room or not, we will not photograph you when you are not ready.

When you decide to have someone help you into your dress/ suit, be it your mother, brother, sister or friend, have them getting ready before you. This saves time, helps them concentrate on you when you need them, and they look better in photos too. And more importantly, take time to enjoy the moment. Don’t feel like you have to “stage” it, we’re there to capture your undisturbed moments. We only interfere when we ask you to step into better light, or to rearrange a messy background.

Brides, plan to be in your dress a little before you need to leave the room - a minimum of 45 minutes prior - which will allow for some portraits of you in your dress, veil and with flowers as well as to go outside and capture you together with your bridesmaids.

And guys, when you’re getting ready, if you have any personal details that are important to you, like those personalized cuff-links, the vintage razor set, or hand-written note for your bride, let us know so that we can document the little things for you, too!


the ceremony

family & bridal

party portraits

Details make your wedding unique. This is how you can express who you are as a couple and make it really personal. If you guys love traveling; including maps, travel photos, globes, vintage suitcases are a great way to personalizing your big day. If you are big antique lovers, show everyone by including some of your favorite vintage pieces at the reception or add vintage champagne goblets and linens to your table set-up!

You and your planner pour yourself into your wedding ideas, you plan and create. Then we come in, to ensure your efforts won’t be forgotten. We know how much it means to you and we go to great lengths making sure that we capture

all the little things at your wedding.

One of the things that are worth spending a bit extra on is the stationary invitation suite. It gives your guest a feeling of what kind of wedding you will have, before even getting there. And when they attend your wedding, it’s the one thing that ties everything together. Make sure you print 2 extra copies of all your stationery for us, for the day of the wedding. Include 2 envelopes that are addressed to two of your guests and your monogrammed wax seal if this is part of your suite. Include a few copies (more than 2) of your ceremony program and five or so extra of the table name tags.

We also love to photograph your wedding attire and the shoes (yes, we’re big on shoes!) laid out in a beautiful way, or against a pretty wall. And don’t worry, we always look for a clean surface to make sure we don’t dirty your dress!

You and your bridesmaids bouquets as well as the groomsmen boutonnieres should be ready and delivered to your room by the time we start our session in the morning. This is good to double-check with your florist or planner.

During your ceremony, we usually stick to the edge of the aisle or stay in the center aisle (out of your way of course) so that your guest can concentrate on you and not the back of our heads. Sometimes we might squeeze in somewhere or hide in the first row. We try to balance getting the best shots without causing distractions.

Some celebrants  have restrictions for photographers or flashes at weddings, especially inside of religious sanctuaries. We strive to respect your faith as well as the rules of your celebrant but it may limit the amount of photographs we can take. Please be sure to clear this up with your celebrant prior to the wedding and let us know.

When you and your bridal party are walking down the aisle, you might feel under a lot of pressure about “looking good” in the photos. Don’t. They are the last thing you should be worried about. Don’t worry about anything. Just go with it. Take your time and enjoy the day!

Sometimes couples opt for unplugged weddings. We think it’s a great idea but we also have no problems with family and friends taking photos at your wedding. Unplugged weddings provide your guest with something luxurious in this day and age. They get to turn off their cell phones, and just enjoy the moment with their own eyes and hearts. We’re there to document your day and if you like, you can always invite your friends and family to have full access to your online photo gallery as well.

Here’s a sample message for an unplugged wedding our couples have used in the past:

“We want you to relax and have fun today! Your biggest gift is to turn off your cameras for now (we’ve got that covered), put your phones on mute, and just be present in this special moment with us! We promise everyone will have access to our photos later.”

If it’s super bright and sunny out and it’s midday, we might head for a place where the sun can be at your backs, so that’s we’re shooting into the sun / backlit or where you’re in a spot with much nicer light. Having a lot of photos of squinty faces with “raccoon eyes” isn’t perhaps what you want to fill your gallery with. Therefore we assess light all the time. And we always pick your photo location based on light primarily. 

We love capturing family photos outside in beautiful light in the afternoon. Open shade also provides a soft, ethereal light perfect for our style of photography. These photos add up quickly because we need to set aside five minutes per group. I politely ask that you limit your family photos time to your immediate family, grandparents, and any other extremely important people. Your extended guests and relatives we can capture with you at your reception in candid moments.

Make sure to let your family members know they’ll be requested for photos. I recommend sending out an email the week before your wedding. Having to wait or search for family members is the number one reason for delay, so it’s great to let everyone know that they’ll be needed ahead of time. A great tip is to appoint someone from each families to assist us in making sure everyone is present for family photos. And feel free to remind them at rehearsal then have the officiant make  an announcement after the recessional.

Common Family Photos:

∙ B&G with Bride’s immediate family

(Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews)

B&G with Bride’s Parents

∙ B&G with Bride’s siblings

∙ Bride with her Parents

∙ Bride with Mom / Bride with Dad

∙ B&G with Bride’s Grandparents

∙ B&G with both sets of Parents

∙ B&G with Groom’s Immediate Family

(Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews)

∙ B&G with Groom’s Parents

∙ B&G with Groom’s siblings

∙ Groom with his Parents

∙ Groom with Mom / Groom with Dad

∙ B&G with Groom's Grandparents

your couple photos

This is usually the only time during the day where you enjoy a few quiet moments together and can take everything in. Many of our favorites photos are taken during this time, for which we would recommend you to set aside 1 hour or 1.5 hours. Estimating around an hour to an hour and a half gives us some wiggle room if anything else goes off schedule. All weddings are delayed and to catch up, we usually take that time from the couple photo session.

The most important factor for beautiful portraits is LIGHT. Evening light tends to glow and is beautiful for lovely, elegant photographs. The two last hours before sunset is the best time for dreamy portraiture. Prior to your wedding, feel free to reach out to us to plan the perfect timeline for your wedding day. Light is the single most important factor to creating beautiful photographs so we’re keen to help you create a great timeline. Well, that and the chance for you to relax.

From October the sun starts setting at 6pm and just sets earlier and earlier until the start of December when the sun sets at its earliest at 5:30pm. From the end of January we start seeing sunsets at 6pm or later again. So if your sunset is at 5:30pm, you should really try to have your ceremony no later that 2:30-3pm.

If you have anything special in mind or you’d like to ensure you get a particular photo, please - don’t hesitate to let us know. We generally try to sense your vibe and plan your photo session around that.

we love couple photos that are natural to you as a couple.

reception & exit

If possible, we like to photograph the reception area before your guests enter. So much has gone into planning the perfect reception, and we like to document that for you! When we photograph your table set-up and other details at the reception, we might take one or two items and move them to an area with better light. At times, we’ll grab a member of your bridal party and photograph them holding a particular item. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure we leave everything we like we found it.

Just as your guests, we like to take a small break preferably during dinner time. No one wants tons of photos of themselves eating - it can make for some awkward expressions. Please feel free to grab us for candid shots of you and your family or friends.

If you’re tossing your bouquet, please let us know so that we can be prepared to capture the moment for you. And at the end of the night, when your celebration is over, just let us know if, when and where you’ll be making your grand exit so we can set up lights for this moment.